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I need help

I have a small problem. I do a lot of pencil sketches…, and I have difficulty stopping the pencil from coming off the paper and smudging the original drawing….

Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution?


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  1. My art teacher used hair spray, but I doubt she was concerned about long term effects! I feel sure there are fixatives available at art supply stores, or maybe consult an art gallery/museum?
    Love your blog, by the way…


  2. Pam Hall says

    Hi Pam,
    You can buy ‘special stuff’, as my daughter put it, from art shops. (SHe says the tin is black with red on it but does not remember name). You can spray it over pencil drawings, charcoal and pastels to stop smudging.
    Hope that helps. (oh and she has just said hairspray works too.)


  3. The beach video made me very envious.It is -35C and high drifts of snow. Watching it makes me feel warmer-keep posting these scenes.


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