Packing and Quilting.


I love these photos, I found them today while accessing old photos…. I took them in Scotland 5 years ago…..!!!!


I'm packing the cases, and checking, checking, checking…..

I've been quilting the portrait, and cutting kits and making calendars for the family so they don't forget who I am…!!!

Mum has a new Apple computer, she says she's called it Granny Smith.
It means we can be in contact while I'm traveling. !!!! it must run in the family, my sister calls her computer "Pip" (apple pip I guess)

My sisters, my Mum and I are all Apple converts….

Most of the family are now set up with skype…. and Tilly loves her camera because she can be turned into a dinosaur as we talk, it's lips and eyes move in sync with hers !!!!

Today I downloaded the entire contents of my desk top to a new external memory….. 370 gb and it's the size of a pack of cards….!!!!!!
that's includes 17,000 photos.

I've had a couple 4.00 am starts, so I'm retiring for the night for a coffee and toast and vegemite…..and it's only 9.00 pm….

I think I'm slipping.!!!

The photos above are a little somber so I thought I should add some brighter ones of vsions of Scotland (Edinburgh in fact)



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  1. Judy B says:

    I think I prefer the sombre photos. The textures in the paving is just wonderful, and the lacy branches hanging down are stunning.
    Judy B
    PS Don’t forget a toothbrush!

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