I finally made it.

There you go, I corrected the blog this morning that I wrote in my post travel state of mind and lost the lot, so here we go again.

I arrived in LA 3 am Adelaide time…. approximately 20 hours after my initial departure.

I usually add a few vegemite sachets to my stash (just for homesick emergencies) from the breakfast bar in the Qantas club. As I was walking back to my seat I was felt someone behind me….. whoops I thought, I'm in trouble here!!!! but it was only my friend from Darwin Quilters who was returning home…..

Hmm guilty conscience….. NO, I could eat 4 sachets of Vegemite in one go, but then again, it serves as therapy when the need for Vegemite on toast assails my being in the middle of a tour.

I didn't realize that I was traveling on the new A380 until I got to the gate in Melbourne…..Oh, my, it's massive. I was upstairs, and the view was wonderful, the turbines dwarfed the men on the tarmac and the tip of the wings were far in the distance.


I sat next to the Pilots' daughter so I figured he was going to drive rather carefully on this trip.
You sleep in absolute comfort in your cocooned bed and I'm gathering a collection of very comfy pyjamas. I think I need to applique something over the darn big kangaroo placed strategically in the centre of the bosom though.

You can even press the buttons on the seat controls for a massage… very, very nice indeed.

I'm staying in Ontario California, some 35 miles from LAX, it's situated in a valley sculpted on one side by the San Bernadino Mountains which are tipped with snow because it's mid winter.

Even so, it was in the 30's yesterday and expected to remain that way for the next week or so.

The shower was welcoming and I slept for a couple of hours before walking Ontario Mills Mall for 3 hours…. all I purchased was ground coffee.

I was rather exhausted last night though.

When I'm on the road, I need to have "comfort" things…. as do all of my peers… many have more specific things in their contracts…I just need decent coffee, a little vegemite, my own eating utensils for my room and a decent work desk.


Well, I'm in a wonderful suite that provides all of that, and considering that I carry my own cup and coffee stuff… and a knife and fork that  appeared in my bag from a previous trip….


I have a little vietnamese coffee filter… you place the ground coffee in the container on top of your cup (my own of course, I hate those big thick ones in the room….they are hard to get the lips around….) I boil the water in the regular coffee maker and it just filters down. I have a fridge and microwave in my room, so I get REAL milk from the kitchen and heat it to match the coffee… voila, just like home.

I was given chocolate in the form of quilt blocks in my goodie bag and a tin of Olives…. so guys, I'm set…….


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