Surly security.


The Internet has been down for the past 8 hours or so…..

However, I had lots of class work to go over, I ironed my clothes for tomorrow and I had a script to write then I had a short snooze while Dr Phil saved the world.

I had dinner with "those who know lots" about the wonderful quilts on show. (the judges)
They said the standard is incredibly high and the machine quilting was breathtaking…..
We have so little time to catch up on all the teaching news, so we talked fast over a glass of wine, and it was just great.

I'm on deck at 6.00 am tomorrow…. I usually go over my presentation while I clean my teeth and drink the coffee…
One day I was so engrossed in my presentation, I missed my mouth and spilled coffee right down the front of my white shirt…… b…….r.

I posted off my film to the Quilt Show today, I think it will air on the 23rd, so look out for it.

The girl at the desk said the post office was two blocks down the road, -  she wanted the driver to take me, but I decided to walk.

I walked two blocks, and came to a huge building that turned out to be Social security…. so I went in and asked the security guard where the PO was…..

No, he had no idea, "Does anyone else know" I asked…. "don't think so" he said, so i turned and walked back to the hotel…. It was in the 90's and rather warm.
Almost back to the hotel, I had to walk past a service station, so I figured they would know….
"Can you tell me where the PO is" I asked the attendant…..
Yes Maam, two blocks down…. "Darn, I was just there" So I retraced my steps and gave a hand signal to the security guard (friendly one) as i went past.

There was a huuuuge field of bright red strawberries (some in blankets of little plastic bags)
I didn't realize they packed them before they picked them!!!!!
Then there was the PO……

So as I walked back to the hotel, sort of 3/4 hour after setting out…. I popped in to visit my security guard… With my best affected English, I informed him that the PO was in the next building, just in case he needed it some time.

He was a bit surly I thought…. but I felt great !!!!

I know he works for Social Security…. he needs to work on his "Social" to enhance his security.


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  1. Nice catch at the end! I bet he wasn’t having the best of days, but compared to you (what with the coffee spill and having to walk back and forth)… I dunno what could tick him off! Regarding that presentation, maybe cleaning teeth and drinking coffee shouldn’t be done at the same time.

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