Forgive me for I coveted orange shoes today.

I'm so tired, I can hardly hold the mouse.
It keeps slipping out of my hand and I almost fell on the keyboard a little while ago….. but I'm trying to stay awake so I can talk to Miss Tilly at 5.00 pm your time…

I've had two days of classes that have been  wonderful, just the best students…
Two nights of 12.00 pm and then up at 4.30 am to complete work are taking their toll.

It's been great spending time with my peers, it's sort of like returning to school after the
There is so much to discuss.

I admit to coveting Rachael Clarks' bright orange boots today…..!!!!

Tomorrow will be a longer day and I'm probably going to give up dinner for an early night….
The weather is gorgeous, warm and sunny. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to enjoy sitting out in the sun….

I had a preview of the quilts last night. Many I had seen before in Houston or other shows. There seems to be a trend of large and intricately worked quilts. A high percentage are quilted on a long arm. They take your breath away.
How do they do that?

I love the best of show, but I don't think I can show it to you until it has been formally announced….
So I just share a few photos before I make a fool of myself…. the brain is in meltdown.





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