So here we are.

Just one more day to go and Road to California is over.

(you can follow this link to the web site and see the winning quilts)


I've had a wonderful time here in Ontario California….
The weather has been very kind as has everyone that I've met.

There are a large number of vendors on the floor, in the 100's I think. I'm not too sure how many quilts are on display, but there are certainly large crowds attending.

I had a busy day today…. after waking with a start at 6.45 this morning (unheard of for me)

I worked all day yesterday, walked in the sun for an hour during my lunch time to review my class in my mind….and I attended a 2 hour demonstration session in the evening….

By then I was whacked… I had a late coffee with friends, then I had to work again on my presentation…. sounds like I'm whinging really, NO, just elated and pleasantly tired….

However, I worked until 1.00 am and I guess I woke late because I was catching up on sleep.

I taught all day, gave a presentation at lunch and left at around 5.00, so I'm going in to class an hour earlier tomorrow because we have so much work to do..I have  a large number of students and I feel embarrassed that I can't get to them all at the one time…..

I'm thrilled with the results  however, the results are stunning….as each picture evolves I feel a sense of excitement and achievement for the quilt makers….

Indeed these are not the average quilts, this is not the average quilt class, and these are not your average students….. above and beyond.

I've hardly had time to breathe, and tomorrow will be rather hectic, but I hope to get a little time to walk through the show with my little flip video camera….

Well, time for cheese and crackers and to bed early…..

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  1. Chris says:

    What amazing quilts you have photographed Pam. Thanks for taking us along on the journey, even if we couldn’t be there physically.
    I hope the owner of the orange shoes still has them!

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