How lucky am I

I've had the nicest emails from my the ladies in my class…..

Thank you for you kind words.

They were all handpicked you know.!!!!!

How lucky am I…..

I arrived in Phoenix a few hours ago and immediately went out to find a grocery store…
Now, I've been told some wonderful stories about the fabulous produce at  "Trader Joes"…. and there it was right near my suite….

The have these wonderful bags to put your groceries in…

I have to buy some for my girls….

How lucky am I…..


My suite didn't have any plates…. ( I had my cup and my Vietnamese coffee maker) so I found an upmarket re-cycled furniture store and bought a "spode" collectors plate for $7…..(saw the same thing for $70 in one of the stores at home…..)

I'll eat my cheese and crackers off "spode"

How Lucky am I……

I admit to having a little snooze on the plane, so no work today but I'll be back into it tomorrow….


One of the nicest things about teaching at a large event is to meet new people.

One of the Teachers Therese May, has the most wonderful quilts and web page, go have a look, I LOVE her quilts….

I like her outlook on life.

"A feeling of belonging, of being included with other people of like mind and who I can find some level of agreement with, who I can connect with, is essential to being alive and healthy. So, I cultivate a friendship with myself, of agreeing with myself, approving of myself and my interests. In this way, I attract those kindred souls that I feel an affinity with and I get a feeling of belonging."

Spent the evening with Chris Porter, Margaret Miller and Mickey Lawler….

We laughed a lot.

How Lucky am I……

and here are two more of my ladies…. I didn't get to photograph them all, but I will put them up when they send them to me….!!!!


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  1. Kim Bruny says:

    What a wonderful class. Thank you Pam. My daughter and grandson love the picture. I hope to take many more classes with you. Enjoy your trip to the spa. Kim

  2. Karen says:

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time, I don’t know where you are going after Phoenix but have a good trip, I remember you said you will end up over in the Middle East I believe – a long trip from the way it sounds with numerous teachings along the way.

  3. Jean Impey says:

    WOW! You are my favorite! What a fun-full-four days! I came home and slept 12 hours straight! Haven’t even unloaded my sewing machines, but that’s maybe because you made me want a Janome! I showed my husband your Maxine link and he laughed, he said “she is really funny!” and I said you don’t even know. Thank you for sharing your passion and skills with me, I believe that you have made me a better quilter. I look forward to knowing you for a long long time. And… I will take you to Swallows Bar when you come down to San Juan Capistrano – Jean

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