Despite not teaching for a few days, the work never ends…

If you enjoy it, is it still called work?

But to present a good class and lecture, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes….

A whole day has passed and I still don't have the presentation finished….
I guess those of you who have been to my lecture/presentations will understand that they are a media presentation, with music and images and dialogue….. It's wonderful to be able to present something that people will remember…

Images remain in your mind for a long time…. dialogue, sometimes disappears with the desert

I've not mentioned too much about my Son Jamie, who is currently on the Sea Shepherd in the Antarctic. The ship had to come up to Australia for fuel and is currently returning to stop the Japanese whalers. He was able to talk with his brothers and sisters and Keith….

He sent me these photos…..



Photos courtesy of Adam Lau.

Can you imagine that…….!!!!!

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie….. but gee I would do it too if I had the opportunity.

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