I’m excited.

I just heard that  the paper I wrote on "Chintz" for my University course has been published….. wooow and I got paid.

What a surprise, that one came out of left field.

Takes quilting to another level really.

FrenchCountryside_CR_SP_stitching (12)

Also one of our dear friends…. has just received an AM

"Australian Medal"

Garry Leslie Coombes -  for Service to St Johns and TAFE

3 other acquaintances received medals as well….

It was Australia Day yesterday at home…..and I missed it all.!!!!!Aus_flag

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  1. jane says:

    Hi Pam
    Love following you around, once again. The wonderful photos of other countries, takes me away, everytime I visit your exciting blog. Keep safe. Congrats on your paper too.
    cheers Jane

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