Month: January 2009

Sometimes we are powerless….!!

Oh, the darn internet went out late this afternoon and has only been on a short while. So, I will have to post the video of my class tomorrow…. I've had a lot of business things to catch up on since it went out. I went to a performance in Historic Scottsdale today put on by the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts…. just take a look at these wonderful costumes…. I had to leave part way through to make a pre- arranged business call, but I saw quite a lot of the performance.      

An Historic Day.

I don't need to tell you what an amazing day it's been. We have all had the opportunity to share in it due to the amazing talents of the media.   I began the day with breakfast in bed……I don't think I've done that since, …..well ever really….I just didn't want to miss a minute of the occasion. I worked after that and then numbed the senses by visiting the Mall and walking for hours…!!! I found this young lady who will look wonderful in Miss Tilly's bedroom, she just came in and made herself at home on the spare bed AND she borrowed my orange scarf.Her name is Francesca from Pottery Barn Kids. My legs ached and I came back late afternoon and I relaxed in my personal spa and reflected…..I've never done THAT before either.!!!! Everyone who knows me well, knows that I don't DO spas…… I think I'm slipping. It's been an extraordinary day. this evening I went for a walk   I photographed the sun as it sank behind the mountain, this …

How lucky am I

I've had the nicest emails from my the ladies in my class….. Thank you for you kind words. They were all handpicked you know.!!!!! How lucky am I….. I arrived in Phoenix a few hours ago and immediately went out to find a grocery store…Now, I've been told some wonderful stories about the fabulous produce at  "Trader Joes"…. and there it was right near my suite…. The have these wonderful bags to put your groceries in… I have to buy some for my girls…. How lucky am I….. My suite didn't have any plates…. ( I had my cup and my Vietnamese coffee maker) so I found an upmarket re-cycled furniture store and bought a "spode" collectors plate for $7…..(saw the same thing for $70 in one of the stores at home…..) I'll eat my cheese and crackers off "spode" How Lucky am I…… I admit to having a little snooze on the plane, so no work today but I'll be back into it tomorrow…. One of the nicest things about teaching at a large …