I spent the day traveling yesterday….. it wasn't exhausting, In fact I was in first class and it was pleasant, but I fell in to bed at 8.30 last night and woke at 8.30 this morning…. I had a recurring  dream all night that I had lost my cheques…. and I woke exhausted…..

Now I'm in a totally different landscape…
The skies are the same, blue and crisp, but snow has replaced the desert.

I love plane travel, I love observing people… sometimes I just sit and watch and stories come into my head….

But then again you can work things out with the power of deduction….
A whole family with very brown faces and floral shirts, and t shirts advertising their recent destination trundled down the aisle laden with everything floral.

Cowboys with knife sharp creases in their jeans, wonderful boots, and big hats. The ladies who had obviously been to a Quilt retreat. (they were wearing their projects) …..I think……Soldiers returning from duty and parents entertaining small children with the latest mechanical games…

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