Weather Dangers.

Living in snow and ice presents real danger.
Many of the car parks are covered in a 3 to 4" layer of irregular surfaced ice. It's difficult to walk on and even worse to drive on…. so even in the relative safety of the grocery car park there is danger.
The temperature will rise above freezing today and  the sun should  begin melting the snow.

The scenery as I traveled the 3 hour trip  from Long Prairie to Minneapolis yesterday was breathtakingly beautiful. The trunks of the black trees in stark contrast to the white of the snow and the blue sky.
It was frustrating as we whizzed past at speed and all I could do was compose pictures to my memory.
Right in the midst of heavy traffic in the city I saw a pair of very large hawks sitting high on the overhead street signs, as if directing the cars below.

My regular update on the adventures of the Sea Shepherd, (the ship monitoring the Japanese whalers.) mentioned today that there has been drama on the high seas.

The Japanese fired a Long range acoustic device (LRAD) at the Helicopter pilot and cameraman as they were filming the 3 Japanese ships yesterday. It appears to me that they have little concern for human life.

The heat wave at home is in it's 10th day and is set to continue for the next week or so. Keith said today "We're over it"

February 05, 2009 02:15pm
JUST when you thought the worst was over, tomorrow is forecast to be a windy 43C scorcher – and authorities are fearing bushfires and more sudden deaths.

The State Emergency Service, Country Fire Service, Health Department and the Bureau of Meteorology staged a joint press conference this afternoon to warn the community to brace for the worst.

Hot, windy conditions tomorrow and Saturday again will push temperatures well into the 40s across most of the state, creating ideal conditions for bushfires.

SA Health chief medical officer Paddy Phillips said people must continue to check on the elderly, keep hydrated and stay indoors where possible.

Today I prepare to leave the USA and fly on to Israel. I will take 4 flights totalling 18 hours and about 6 hours of waiting in airports before I get to tel Aviv.
So I have a day in the Mall to have my hair trimmed, my nails done… a vist to the Apple store for updates and maybe a movie….

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  1. Hi Pam
    Just got home from Guild (12.50). Dianne and I stopped off for pizza and coffee – the coffee machine was actually working.. surprise surprise!!
    we missed you…
    I had the shop tonight. Not fantastic anymore Im afraid. One has to put it down as ‘exposure’ or ‘advertising’.
    Following you along your wonderful travels. BTW what ‘apple’ store are you off to. Computer Im guessing… thats right it wouldn’t be a fruit shop! cheers for now, Jane

  2. Hi Pam,
    Just got home from Guild (1am). Dianne and I stopped off for pizza and surprise, surprise a coffee. The machine was working this time! So we had two. We missed you. I was the shop tonight. Its not fantastic anymore… put it down to ‘exposure’ and ‘advertising’ I guess. Someone spoke on global warming….interesting.
    Following you along your travels. BTW what ‘apple’ store are you visiting? oh I guess its a computer store as it wouldn’t be a fruit shop!!
    Cheers Jane

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