Where is my luggage?

I made it, but my luggage didn't, it's still on it's way (I hope)…..

I left the hotel at 6.00 am, Friday 6th, it was cold and the ice and snow were still on the ground.
The view from the plane was amazing, but within an hour of flying, the snow gave way to green as I flew down to Dallas…

I had about an hour turn round, I grabbed a quick sandwich and then I boarded for another 4 hour flight to New York. Once again the scenery turned from green to white as we flew back across the snow covered landscape.

Now, trying to negotiate your way around the airport in New York was a challenge, but I made it with time to spare and then settled down for a 7 and a half hour trip to London which was uneventful. I got some work done, but just couldn't sleep.

Heathrow isn't the easiest airport  to find your way around… but I did get to have a hot shower and a strong coffee, it made the world of difference.

We were just about to take off, when the woman sitting right in front of my had a major seizure. I noticed that she was rolling her eyes as she sat down, I thought that she was angry that she had to sit in the middle seat and was showing her displeasure. Not so, the poor thing was in a terrible state. Her husband was in another part of the plane, and I didn't even have time to shout out to him…. it all happened so quickly.
An hour later she was stable enough to be transferred to a waiting ambulance but it was a major piece of maneuvering to get her down the aisle and out of the plane.

I think I slept a part of the way on the 5 hour trip from London to Tel Aviv.

When you are waiting for you luggage, there is always a small ball in the pit of your stomach that jumps up to bite you and say "Your luggage hasn't arrived" So many things went through my head…. but it's being tracked and has numerous tags to say it belongs to me;.!!!!

I filmed most of the events, but I'm just too tired to attempt to assemble them tonight….

I've been awake 36 hours with about 3 hours sleep, so I'm going to go to bed in another persons pajamas….!!!!


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  1. Rosanne says:

    Do you have any instructions/helpful hints on how you do your landscapes? Maybe a LQuilt topic, a DVD, book??? I would love to have a class with you but I’m limited because of MS so I’m better off home at my own pace. Any info will be most appreciated. Thank you, Rosanne

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