I spent the night in a borrowed track suit…. thank goodness I carry
spare undies…

So we worked all morning on a film story-line…and I could feel
myself slipping….I hit the bed at 1.30 after lunch, set the alarm
for 2.30 and when I woke, I thought I'd only been asleep a few
Then I got the news that my luggage was located and would arrive in
Tel Aviv at 5.30, just in time for the end of my presentation…. and
voila, it all worked out….
Forget about stress, a semi sleepless night, a 3.30 start on the
computer and I enjoyed the ambience that a full to bursting auditorium
can bring….
Just before I completed the presentation, the luggage arrived by taxi
on cue, and it seemed a seamless event….. and I was able to add the
quilts to the show…..what a hoot…. I now have my orange shoes back
again, my own pajamas and a change of clothes….
Now ready for another day of filming tomorrow…

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  1. Ah, the simple requirements of life. Clean undies, pjs and orange shoes!
    Judy B

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