To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable, but to be certain is ridiculous.

One never knows what the day will bring…

But gee wouldn't life be boring if we did.

To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable,
but to be certain is to be ridiculous.

Chinese Proverb

I began the morning hearing of the death toll in Victoria/Australia and I just couldn't believe it. God help those affected.

I received copies of articles from 4 newspapers with a photo of Jamie in a little boat filming while a monstrous Japanese Whaler ship bore down on him. !!!!!!


We filmed most of the day, and planned an 8.00 am start, but that went out the window…when I left some cords back at the house and then we needed to make copies of images….
"Oh, and we need a light box"
so we had to purchase a pane of glass and set it on 4 dictionaries with a light under it for the segment.

4/5 times during the day I felt the earth moving under my feet…. I figured it was a small earthquake and didn't even mention it until late in the afternoon, a loud noise, a shuddering of windows and walls bought our filming to a halt.
"Bombing" said Miky, so we stopped filming…. and retired for the day.

Sorry Mum if you're reading this.

We should finish filming tomorrow….


However, I did photograph a couple of yarn decorated trees in the mall.

And I put the finishing touches to "B"  I get some strange looks when people see what I'm drawing !!!!! A Grannie drawing  weird creatures….!!!



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  1. HI Pammy,
    Life is a bit like nasty nightmare at the moment. The death toll from the Victorian fires is said to be going to rise to over 300. Up north towns are drowned in floods and there is a real menace from crocodiles that are swimming into towns. A 5 year old was taken up on the Daintree river. It seems some of these fires were the work of an arsonist! Meli and Rosie are fine although the fires have been up near them. I think it is the terrible stories that are coming out that have everyone in a state of shock and they keep saying that the fires will be back at the weekend.
    I was wondering, who is in the bath?

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