who is the man in the bath?


Carolyn asked "who is the man in the bath?"

Von Schnitzel Rumpenhumpenshtein  – the third"

The first and second  Von Schnitzel Rumpenhumpenshtein  couldn't swim…. that's why he's hanging on so tightly and bathing with his stockings on, he's also even got a life vest on but you can't see it…!!!!

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  1. Hi Pammy,
    So this Von Schnitzel Rumpenhumpenstein – the third, Was he that third high Chancellor from the principality of Schnitzel where Princess Tilly’s parents had their castle? Was his family, the first and second, working for the Royal Family?
    Is he a goodie or a badie?

  2. Pam says:

    Yes, that’s right Carolyn, he was the third Chancellor, the other two were not very bright… but they were devious and jealous of No 3.
    He’s actually a very clever person, but he doesn’t want anyone to now, so he wears those silly red and white stockings, he does unusual things like bathe with a life jacket on to confused them….. the problem is, it confuses everyone else….
    No 1, and No 2’s families were a little strange, they actually only had 3 toes on each foot, so they were given rather menial jobs to do, like Goat Herding and sheep washing…. that’s what 3 toed people do….
    No 3. Has five fortunately..

  3. And Pammy, you haven’t told me. Is he a goodie or a badie or is he so unusual that He might be a badie who is a goodie or a goodie who is really a badie. (Work that one out)

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