Leaving Tel Aviv

As I write this I'm in the airport in Jordan waiting to go to Dubai…. I arrive there at 1.00 am tomorrow, but fortunately my sister is picking me up, so I feel a little more comfortable.
I have everything I need here, free wifi, great food and in a short time, I'm going to have a little snooze.!!!!

I spent the most wonderful day in Jerusalem yesterday


I admit, not understanding the danger between the Israelis and the Arabs….
Miky and her husband were worried, So in some areas of the market, I asked questions in English and  Miky kept quiet so they couldn't hear her accent…. I was going to say she was deaf if they asked her to speak..!!!!

I bought an antique  Bedouin hat/scarf, which will figure in a quilt. I love the colors and it's really unique. It has the old coins around the rim of the hat, fabulous embroidery and I liked the color combination of red, blue, turquise and orange…..!!

It was sad to leave this morning, but on the other hand I know I'll be back and I am feeling the need to be home working right now.

I made several slide shows and they took too long to go through, so I've altered it…. I do hope you enjoy it…. besides I'll be with family tonight in Dubai.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to make such a wonderful gift of visual beauty set to equally beautiful music. It feeds the soul on many levels.

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