I have several more days before I teach in Dubai, the break has been really enjoyable.
To spend time with family so far away from home has been lovely. My Sister Jan and I are always in different places and never seem to spend time just catching up, so it's been just great.

We shopped for gold!!!!!
Well, let me correct that, we went into the gold shops and tried on bracelets….!!! It's wall to wall gold in many places here….I've never seen so much bling……!!!


The perfume and scented oil is like nothing I've experienced before….. just like Aladdins cave, the perfume bottles are exquisite and the oils are wonderful, there is incense burning in every shop and building and the fragrance is alluring.


Yesterday was more down to earth, my guide took me to visit horse stables, the fish market and even to see how their meat was slaughtered.

"Don't photograph the goat dying he said"  I was quite happy not to really.


You can even buy an ostrich and have it slaughtered.


Everyone is welcoming, inviting me to photograph, explaining the most minute details…

I've never had that before…. it's always "Give me money"

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