I left Ras Al Khaimah yesterday afternoon.

We drove through red sandy desert punctuated by small shrub trees. Many people still have tents set up as recreation homes, some maybe even permanent. Camels wander freely, goats are corralled and there is the occasional small town with flat roofed houses made of sand and cement.
It's 100 kms to Dubai and for most of that time there was a steady stream of trucks going in the same direction.
No, not like home, bumper to bumper trucks, 1000's.
Building sites of gigantic proportion have sprung up in the red sandy desert.

As we got closer to Dubai, the "A" frame power poles appeared, until there were so many it looked like lace on the horizon.
Towns with huge complexes of living accommodation to rival the best of houses are built, some standing without residents until the  economic crises passes….!


The trucks were a continuous line, moving in unison like a caterpillar on wheels.

Dubai is clean, modern and the best that money can buy. The streets are lined with petunias at the moment, red, white and yellow….

The bus stops are interesting, air conditioned cocoons  one could say.


In the afternoon escorted by my aussie host Janina, we visited the fabric district…. mainly Indian, but they do have quite a bit of quilting fabric… at about $3.50 a yard.Trust me, it makes your mouth water, you can buy just about everything there from rotary cutters to the most gaudy bling and even a wig.




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  1. What an experience you are having, Pam. Love looking @ all your pictures, it takes me away. I can understand why you were happy just to enjoy the scenery with your ipod and not talking. Trying to absorb it all and relax. Not sure about all those bad tempered camels!
    cheers for now, happy travels, Jane

  2. Lois Bruno says:

    It’s me again. No rims and purple earpieces. I just watched these photos from Musandram and I just want to look at them again and again and again. No, I want to be there hooked up to your iPod listening to the classical music and just let the surroundings soak into my soul. Every picture was a quilt!

  3. Pam says:

    Lois, you’re welcome

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