Down memory lane.

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34 years ago when I was as young Mum, Keith and I made our first trip to Thailand.

We were naive, nervous and just young people on a mission. we came to adopt our Son Joshua.

We arrived at 2.00 am. It was in the middle of July, it was 5 deg at home and 32 deg when we landed.
We were met by soldiers with guns and stern looks. I was absolutely terrified.

We drove to the city in a shuttle bus with 3 inebriated Aussie males who embarrassed the heck out of us with their crude comments to two Thai ladies seated near them.
The traffic sped past at alarming speed, the lights were bright and the horns blew constantly. I'll never forget the smell either.

Our accommodation was arranged by the adoption agency…..a pokey little hotel called the Maya Guest House. (after a week, I realized there was a brothel upstairs…. I was fascinated) I wondered why there was a constant stream of men in the dining area… I thought they were students !!!!! duh.

The walls were made of bamboo, and there were holes drilled into them… I found the holes the next day and plugged them with wet toilet paper.

We sank exhausted into bed, which was as hard as a rock. When we woke the next morning… I put my foot to the ground and there was 8" of water in our room….. outside, they were filming a cheap movie and flooded the place for effect….!!!
Oh, and there was only cold water in the less than sanitary bathroom.

Mid morning a taxi arrived and a lady got out with this little bundle of humanity. Our Son Joshua Amnauy. She handed him to me cautiously, "sorry we have given you a green baby Maam" she said…. Josh, was indeed a nice shade of green…. he had jaundice. He was very feeble and weighed just 3 lb even though he was 3 weeks old.
He was dehydrated and when you picked up the skin on his scrawny little leg, it stayed elevated….
Over the next 12 hours I graduated him from boiled sweet water to formular and he never looked back…
Babies are never taken out for the first 3 months in Thailand, so I covered him a crochet shawl made by my Mum and we carted hime everywhere…
He slept all day in the smelly Bangkok Taxi's and cried all night when he was still.

we had some amazing adventures during our 3 week adoption process… Josh grew healthy and quickly and was just beautiful when our time to leave arrived. I just couldn't wait to get on the plane, but we had a car crash on the way to the airport which added to our anxiety…..but I felt Josh was truly ours when I we took off…..
What excitement there was when we arrived home and introduced him to his siblings…

We've been to Thailand about 20 times since….
No, we don't stay in a brothel any more, we've graduated to nothing less than 5 star.
I know Bangkok well and I've traveled all over the city. I can talk enough to surprise the taxi drivers and bargain well.!!!
But we've sure had some adventures….
We have two other children from Thailand too, Susie, 43 and jinda 23. Both have wonderful stories too.

So today, with those memories behind me I visited the ancient city of Ayuthaya. We went up by bus and then floated down the river on our return…. just fabulous. I hope you enjoy the slide show….

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