What an experience.

The past few weeks have been an experience of a life time.

I began with no preconceived ideas…. and I leave with new friends, new ideas and a wealth of knowledge.

Quilting in Dubai is in it's infancy but with the expert help of Shanker and Mala Ramakrishnan, they have made a difference in this part of the world. People who "tell your people" are taking notice of the talents in the UAE.


It's an honor to be part of the process, just as it was in Mexico city.

I'm a quilter, A Teacher and I take the responsibly of being so very seriously.  I hope to stimulate the creative ideas of my students, I think I was able to achieve that in this case.


I don't look at teaching quilting as a financial bonus, in fact…. weeks on the road, the money disappears at an alarming rate…!!!!

Of course, along the way there were many adventures. Camel races, visit to the fiords of Musandarm, I sampled wonderful food, met new friends, bought priceless antique fabric and my mind is full of amazing images.


On the last day in Dubai, my Sister Jan, her husband Ron and I decided to visit the new Dubai Mall


I just can't explain how amazing it is….but I hope the photos do it justice.

We finished the day with afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab hotel, which characterizes itself as the world's only "7-star" property

Inside the building, the atrium is 180 meters (590 ft) tall.
It is the world's tallest structure with a membrane facade and the world's tallest hotel. 

On booking we were directed how to dress…. so I had to do a little fancy work in the carpark of the  Dubai mall and change….. It was rather funny…. I got changed out of the fancy clothes ready for the plane on the road leading from the hotel…. at least it was dark then.

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