The bags are packed… I've put the bling back on.

I anticipate a good trip home…. and I have a few hours before I need to leave the hotel so I'm about to spend an hour by the pool to relax.


There are a few problems having a large family… PRESENTS and remembering everyone…… I need to buy around 20.+

Oh, I don't buy each person a gift every time I travel… just once or twice a year and somehow T/shirts just don't come up to scratch.  "my Mother traveled to Thailand and all she bought back was this lousy T/shirt"
I don't buy stuff for my quilt group anymore either, no one else does when they go to work!!!!

So yesterday was the gift buying day.

Pandora bracelets for $15, I have a real one and can't tell the difference. Just about $1000.

Silver bracelets for the girls and baby Savannah. Leather covers for the iphone at 1/8th price.  Beautiful fabrics, cards all for a fraction of the price elsewhere….
I think I have it stitched. !!!!

I was in a state of relaxation, when suddenly the vision of  money I had in the safe popped into my brain…. did I put it back, or did I leave it on the side table….?
My heart thudded. I tried to think. I packed the case carefully, I know I hid the bling!!!! but what about the money.
Visions of reporting to police, going home with no remuneration…..OOOH.

I had to catch 2 trains and walk a short distance… so I calmed myself by putting on my ipod and clearing my mind. Could people tell by my face that my brain was scrambling.?

I walked calmly through the hotel door, the friendly porter giving me a wai (Thai greeting)

The lift took ages to arrive… I even got out on the right floor. Key in the door, It banged behind me, I dropped my bag, checked the side board…..NO MONEY. My heart jumped a beat. I fumbled the lock on the bag,  rumbled through until I felt the crackle of a paper packet….It was there….. I slumped on the bed, laughed at my stupidity, and thanked myself for being thorough.

So I watched reality TV for an hour and marveled at Jamie Oliver trying to make a difference to the British pallet.  "Get out there and help him all you Brits"


I have eaten healthy and the food of the countries I've been in…. even curry for breakfast here in Thailand…. I love it….. but I celebrated with a Cheeseburger at Dairy Queen and smugly washed it down with a diet coke.

The day finished with my favorite dish of Mango and sticky rice and watching a Thai boxing match on the plaza of the shopping Mall…..

What a day.

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  1. Pam
    Once again I have enjoyed a great trip with you. Thank you!
    As for that fabric, I see borders, kaleidescopes and/or some very fussy cutting.
    Judy B

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