New Idea. Scrapbooking with fabric, or could you call it collage….? N0 2.


I taped two pieces of vellum together, in fact they are, what we call A3 size in Australia and "legal" in the USA.

I then drew the design I required on  the vellum tracing paper with a pencil.


 I made drawings on paper and reversed them ready to create the applique patterns.


From these images I assembled the applique birds and the branches. I decided to make them all the same color with just a little texture on the wings. In fact, I sandwiched the quilt before I actually added the bird applique.


Next stage were the birds….. Now the beak is a little fragile and quite small…. So I completed the beak first, ironed it to a teflon applique mat and then added the rest of the body of the bird….it's much easier.



Once the applique is cool, you can peel it off the applique sheet and iron it to the quilt…. the glue will still be on the back of the applique.


 So this is as far as I got before my friends arrived this morning. I had a workshop here today so it's been busy but invigorating working on our project….. trust me, it's something special.



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  1. Chris John says:

    Pam, I am getting that familiar feeling…WOW! My skin is tingling, my head is whirring and I just want to get up and go. I love card making and scrap booking as well as quilting and I would find this kind of project absolutely exhilerating!
    I can’t wait to see the finished project! Do you see it becoming part of a book, framed and displayed, or do you have something else in mind?
    You fabric stash just blows me away. How exciting.
    I must put another link on my facebook page!

  2. NicoleG says:

    Hi Pam,
    I had two weeks of catching up to do … nice to see you home (safe and sound I hope) and already concocting new ideas!!! This really looks fantastic. I wonder what your next ‘move’ is going to be!
    I just found out you ‘ll be teaching in Birmingham. I ‘ll be signing up monday. In the meantime I’ll enjoy reading your wonderful blog. Thanks!
    Nicole – Belgium

  3. Pam,
    Nice to have you back at home!
    I have been ‘scrapbooking’ using fabric in books, using cardboard (I have some artists boards for the next one) instead of fabric or paper backing and later assembling as a ‘book’. And my printed pages are words, usually on paper …….. so far!
    I mix all the usual scrapbooking trims from the cheeep shops with all the usual quilting trims. I can’t quilt them, but can add paints, drapplique style illustration (but lack the talent of my tutor in that area) and I’m trying to work out how to assemble the next ones, possibly fusing with fabric binding, or thread sort of like one of the book binding tecniques. Would love to see your take on this combination.
    Judy B

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