scrap booking with fabric.

Well, it's been a bit frustrating  quilting this project….

In fact, it just won't happen.

The centre panel that I printed onto fabric looks wonderful, but the backing on it just doesn't allow for quilting… (it's a sticky backing….)

I tried about a dozen different techniques…. to no avail….after about 10 stitches, the needle would be covered in the backing substance….

SO….. I'm going to cut it up into little gift quilts…. Keep the pattern and do another one…..

I also added a small piece of antique quit and a few other embellishments….XXXXXXXX


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  1. Hi Pammy,
    I’ve had this problem with using photo transfer with the sticky backing, especially when working with teenagers. I swapped over to the direct printing onto fabric sheets and then visofixed the piece. No problems.
    The other product that I have found really good is lazertran. They have products for attaching to almost any surface.( They are based in the UK but are distributed through an art supplier in Victoria. Their website has some wonderful examples of how artists are using their products. ‘Joggles’ also has a good article on why they are the best ones to use.
    I feel for you with this piece. i know just what it is like.

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