Catching up.

I spent most of the day booking plane tickets, hotel rooms and double, double, double checking the preparations for trip No 2. this year.

Next was to clean the shed in preparation for uninterrupted  work.

But I thought you might like to visit my Summer House Studio, I added my little scrap book quilts to the collection on the wall.


I also have unfinished projects hanging on the door.


My drawing desk is one of my favorite places.


These books are some of my family treasures… the book on the left is a wooden covered cook book from the 1940's given to me by my 88 year Auntie Laurel. I treasure the legacy.

I can't tell the difference between my Mothers writing, and her writing…. and in fact, it could even be my writing or my Daughter Rachael's.


I have a book of Bible stories and one of  "common prayers" from my Mother in Law and next to that is her little black cook book. The other three books are a "Loving Record" Book and two small birthday books of my German Grandfather Reinhart Elies.



and what about this  little gem….. just for the dusters, note, there are none in my possession…  I leave that sort of stuff  to my cleaners.!!!!


I love all this old stuff…….!!!!! Vintage.


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  1. That is all just too tidy! I’m not going to put my work room up at the moment.

  2. Pam — I have a recipe card that my was my mothers. I saw in an antique shope someone recipe card framed and in their kitchen! I love that idea. My mother passed when I was 13 and having her “red velvet cake” recipe is just a gift! Hope you have a great day! Pamie G.

  3. Pam says:

    Pammie, thanks for the email…. yes, I love all those old things, they are so precious..
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