Back working on the Frida Portrait.


I've had to make a decision on what to put on the border of Frida….
If you remember I decided on hand drawn tiles, somehow, they just didn't work for me.


So now I've made a decision….

I'm going to illustrate the entire border and then quilt it in a similar way to the alphabet.

In fact, I'm working on rather a large collaborative project at the moment, it's quilted in the same way…. raw edge and illustrated with quilting…. the back looks as good as the front and you have a reverse image of the picture on the front.

That project is a 5.00 a, to 7.00 am project every morning…..

Do you know how dark it is at that time?

Getting back to the portrait……This  illustration is half of the bottom and top border of the quilt. I'll reverse the pattern for the other side. Gees  – I wasn't going to draw the entire pattern, it will be difficult enough on the fabric.

It's taken loosely from a 15th century panel, however, if you look carefully, (a little like where's wally)
you will ind the lilies..  and there's a few other secrets in there too…

I drew it out in pencil first, then in ink….it's not perfect, but I will actually transfer the pattern to fabric in pencil, then do it in  ink when I'm satisfied… There are quite a few places that need correcting… but once you put ink to paper, it's there for ever…!!!! so  will correct it on the fabric.

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  1. Cher says:

    Pam, I enjoy reading your blogs so much. Love seeing your photos and reading about your travels. I have been watching your progress on Frida and saw today that you’ve had the time to get back to working on her quilt. The border is going to be awesome. I see the lilies and the bird. After you have it transferred to fabric is it then painted on? Guess I’ll keep watching to see.
    My favourite part is the quilting and can’t wait to see you quilt her. The faces on your American Gothic quilt are what I want to learn. When you get to that part on Frida, down the road, would you post some pictures?
    Enjoy your day
    Cher in BC

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