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Portrait border underway


The illustration I showed you the other day was the pattern illustrated on white paper using a fine (.3) black pigment ink pen.

The work is quite detailed as you can see, and I decided that I would just reverse this pattern for the other side…

How do I do that….?

1. I scanned the picture and printed it out…… I thought my printer would print in reverse, but it didn't.


2. I took some A3 size (16.5" X 11.5" fr USA ) velum down to the office and printed the illustration onto that.

Then by turning the velum over and photocopying onto paper, , I could then get an accurate reverse image……

3. I joined the two images with invisible tape.

4. I took the images to the light box and taped first illustration to the table, then the pressed fabric over the top of it.


5. I  traced the full image onto UNWASHED fabric…..very carefully, 

6. Why unwashed….? the sizing in the fabric assists the ink to move smoothly over the fabric and secondly the stiffer surface of the fabric makes it easier to work on.


So now I have the complete illustration on fabric.

Next step is to illustrate it…

I have been asked about the hand in the picture….. it's a model for when I'm drawing hands, it also comes in handy when I need to make a gesture that's not real nice….


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