Portrait border underway 2.


Life has been a little hectic the past week, every minute scheduled…. but, illustrating this panel has been wonderful. It's going to take some time and I have 4 to do….!!!

The side panels will be different. and the four corner blocks different again

These lines are quite small and I had difficulty in the beginning getting the ink to flow with the larger Tsukineko pen. So for this piece of drapplique I'm creating the entire piece using a .5 blue uni-pin pigment fine line pen.

The green is even finer and I'm using a Stabilo point 88 pens.
The black shading is done with a   .1 black uni pin pen.

I must stress that I'm dying the fabric rather than painting it.

Paint sits on the surface of the fabric, the dye is embedded. See the photo on the bottom of the page, you will note that the ink is showing through the back.



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