A day of contrasts.

It's late, and I'm tired…. but I've just been reflecting on the day.
The weather was warm, the breeze light and it was one of those days you don't want to end because it was so perfect.

Daughter, Rachael and her friend became official "sewers" today as I waked them through the making of a small dress  for their 2 year old daughters.

They were really chuffed with the results… so was I….

At about 4.00 pm, the fire siren sounded. It wailed insistently across the valley. As hills residents we realized that there was a fire threat quite close by.

Suddenly the peace was shattered as helicopters and planes shuttled water and foam to the site which was just two kms from us….They soared in a direct route over the house, the helicopters used our local football ground as a base and 100's of residents were evacuated to the safety of  open ground.

We were not directed to evacuate, but I made a mental note of where all the things were that needed to go with me…. (of course the quilts go before anything else)

We sat outside on the balcony eating dinner amid the noise and activity. That's the nature of fire and the terrain we live in…. it can be right on your doorstep and you are unaware of the danger.
There was no wind today, so we had confidence that they would contain it quickly.. it's 11.30 and I now feel it's safe to go to bed, but the quilts are close by, just in case. !!!!!

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Stay safe. I like your new website picture. The lilies turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Not being Aussie, does chuffed mean pleased?

  2. Chris John says:

    Your experience shows us just how fragile life as we know it can be. How would you decide what stays and risks going up in smoke and what you take with only a short amount of notice? Sometimes if we want to live in our own patch of paradise we have to be prepared to lose it or let it go as well.
    I think I would grab my external hard drive which has all my photos on back up. That way even if my possessions go I would still have the memories.

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