You never know.


This is just a friend I met down the back yard !!!!! I did grit my teeth when i had to pick him up though…..!!! but I would like to say that even when you are snake handling, you can keep up appearances by wearing a scarf and bling.


Teaching far from home is a little different to hopping in the car and just popping down the street to a local class.

For my next classes, which are 15817 kms away, kits have to be prepared with great attention to detail. However, that said, I always have peace of mind that my students have the correct supplies and little time is wasted in class… we just get on with it…

I'm always on tender hooks until I see the packages leave and consequently arrive at their destination. So with that in mind, the boxes posted (at enormous cost)  I gave myself the afternoon off to go shopping with my Daughter yesterday.
I must admit, I was almost too tired to enjoy myself… but relax I did.

I left her late in the afternoon to go do the food shopping. Not a problem you would  say, but I ended up coming home with a fat lip and very tender nose.
A box of very heavy, sharp objects fell on me from the top shelf in the supermarket. Of course I didn't have  a tissue and my nose was bleeding my lip was cut and it hurt like heck.
I mopped it up with my t'shirt….

The embarrassing thing was that I had to go into the local Apple store looking like I'd been in a fight…

I said "A box fell on me" to the stunned young man behind the counter…. he served me quickly and ushered me out of the store….

For the rest of the evening I had a massive head ache and felt quite sorry for myself…. I'm too old for that stuff…

So I had an evening off as well.

Anyway, I was still up early and working on the mystery project none the worse for wear….


Isn't it amazing, you never know what's going to happen during the day….I've had a busy day, four fabulous invitations to teach, all to far off shores…

Poor Keith, as treasurer of our Guild has gone off to the meeting on his own because, I was in the middle of creating and I just couldn't stop….

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  1. BOXES AND SNAKES!! You be careful Pammy.

  2. Beth says:

    I would prefer a thousand boxes in the nose to one snake on the shoulders!
    I too, have just shipped off my class kits. What a job that is!

  3. Judy B says:

    I think I would prefer grocery shopping to handling a snake, but maybe not if the groceries attack! A good reason for not entering supermarkets!
    (I had three or four rolls of fabric fall on me once, that hurt too, but I had to buy a metre or two of one of them.)
    Judy B

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