What do you do when you’re quilting?

Listen to music,
Listen to the radio,
Watch TV…..

I video tape special programs and watch them out here in the shed… my favorite station is BBC Knowledge and today I learned a few things about the first Emperor of China….. Qin Shi Huang,
He wasn't a nice chappy really and through his brutality he he left the legacy of the wonderful Terracotta Warriors.

So I was quilting for 12 hours  today….!!!! and (learning about China)
This is just a small part of the quilt. It's a special project that I can't share just yet, but you can see this little bit….!!!

You may notice that the stitches are not all the same length, well, my intention is to give the quilt texture…. !!!!!
There is a lot of hand quilting to go over the top of this part of the quilt for added design and texture as well.

I love Masterpiece thread by Superior, four of the blues are masterpiece 50 weight, 2 are Aurifil 50 weight , and the multicolored feature thread is Cherrywood 40 weight.

The fabric is hand dyed.


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  1. Nedra- Cactus Needle says:

    I work part time for Superior Threads here in St. George, Utah, and I’ll let Bob and Heather know of your post today. I love their threads too, so much I wanted to work for them.
    I love following your blog everyday. Your work is amazing.

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