What fusible web do you use?

For many years, here in Australia, we could only purchase Vliesofix. It was quite good for years and years, (I think I used it for close on 15 years) occasionally it separated, but on the whole it worked well.
I purchased it in 50 meter rolls and it sat in the corner of the studio….no special treatment.

When I purchased the last 50 meter roll,  I knew it was different before I even got it out of the warehouse….!!!!

"It's new" the dealer told me. Well it might have been new, but it was terrible, it separated easily, the glue side was a completely different composition and I wasn't happy.  I couldn't use it in my kits and in a way, by default, I made the move to purchase Steam – a seam lite when I was in the States…..

It's great, so I still buy 50 yard rolls, there is no separating, and in fact, it's lighter in weight than the old Vliesofix.

I'm working on some rather intricate applique, and it's important to use the lightest and best fusible web…
I've tried, wonder under, stitch witchery, heat and bond, trans web and misty fuse…. so I've given them all a try out…..but like many of my peers I am now a convert of Steam a seam Lite


I've been editing video for the past couple of days… I love doing it, but it takes up a lot of time….!!!

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  1. Where do you get that steam a seam? I have an account with Birch but the most they have on a roll is 25m and they have no stock!

  2. Judie Reynard says:

    Hi Pam,
    I have had the odd bolt of wonderunder separate and Vikki suggested wrapping it with plastic and keeping it seales. It solved the problem. Enjoy reading your blog.

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