I was playing in the yard with the small grandchildren today…..



work took a back seat "imagination"
was the subject of our play….


Kodi was the "king" , Tilly was his helper and I was supplier of food….!!! specially snacks.
"OOh I feel a need for a snack coming on" says five year old Kodi.

Sons and daughters visited and chatted during the day and it was quite relaxed.

There's not too many of us staying home for Easter, and we've had a steady stream of sons and daughters looking for tents and coolers etc. that usually end up in our cellar for storage.

44 years ago, Good Friday, I met my husband at a church youth camp….. I was a young chic, I was dressed to the nines'…..everyone slept on straw mattresses in the chicken pavilion of the Clare showground. It was freezing cold, smelt terrible, and was really uncomfortable.  I ended up with the worst cold I'd ever had in my life…  I thought Keith was the biggest show off I had ever met. !!!! He had a Beatle haircut and holes in the elbows of his green hand knitted sweater.

but love has no boundaries. !!!!

38 years ago and 6 kids later, we began taking our children camping at Easter. At first we had a tent and then we graduated to an old caravan towed behind our bus.

As a family of 17, we continued that jolly event for almost 20 years… we camped with friends  they all had large families too…. so we could have 8 adults and 50 children….. we had a ball….. 

Sometimes we were banned from returning to a particular campground…. (I can't work out why)…..

We cooked on big stainless steel cookers, played canasta till the early hours, drank home made baileys out of cheese glasses, then packed up after four days and went home…. it took me days to unpack and wash….

So now I want to stay home, eat chocolate and good food, go to the requiem at the cathedral and think of my kids out their in their tents while I sleep in my feather bed.

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