I’ve finished the boots quilt.

The early mornings are taking their toll, but I was forced to get up early with a recurring ear ache….
However, I do get a lot more work done and today I finished quilting the "Boots" Quilt
It's been floating around in my work bag half finished for ages…
My machine broke when I was quilting the borders, then I went away, and away and away….so finally I took the plunge and spent 3 days finishing the border…


I've actually used a smoke monofilament thread on the border of the quilt and 50 weight Masterpiece by Superior in the bobbin…. it works a treat.


I contour quilted the border fabric by freemotion quilting around the printed pattern.


You can't see the quilting on the border, but it gives a wonderful textural effect which supports the texture of the boots themselves.


I've used a free motion zig zag on parts of the boots to give an illustrative effect.


One of the tricks in this quilt is to balance the heavy quilting in the border with the rather quilt devoid areas of the bricks…. without the quilt buckling….


This is how the quilt began. The fabric for the boots is a cloth backed suede fabric I purchased in JoAnnes in the States, I also use the fabric for the saddles and bridles of the horses in the Bayeux.



This is the original photo taken on a visit to somebody's house…. the boots are traditional Aussie elastic sided boots.

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  1. It looks wonderful.
    I love my Blundstones – they deserve celebrating.
    Thanks for showing us the details of construction.

  2. I remember those boots.
    They were at Hans Heisen’s home. You took me to visit it when you invited me to Adelaide when I was ill. They sat outside the kitchen near the back door. The paint on the walls was peeling and things all looked rather old but beautiful. That was a beautiful weekend just like that quilt.
    Thank you Pammy.

  3. Caroline says:

    I love those boots; well I wouldnt really know about the boots themselves but I love them in that quilt

  4. Nola Pearce says:

    The realistic design and the stitching on the boots look great as does the quilting on the border. Thankyou for mentioning the need to balance the amount of quilting over the entire quilt. It is so disappointing to see quilts, and in particular wall-hangings, “bagging” because not enough quilting has been done. Well done Pam

  5. Chris says:

    Pam, the boots look so realistic. I remember running around in my rossi boots in my teen years. They were so comfy. Your books look very comfy too. I just love your border fabric. It works so well with the boots. I sometimes have a lot of trouble finding just the right fabric and projects tend to sit for some time until it magically appears.

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