New Classes.


I've been putting the finishing touches to 4 new classes today and working on a video production…

Well actually the classes have been prepared for ages, it's just the class information papers I did today….

It takes AGES…..

I've also set up a new web page, but I'm working in HTML and that takes a long time too…

So I just have to plod.

The web page will be much more professional and I'm pleased with the result so far… I'll let you know when I have it finished.

The dog has seen  the cases come out and goes into decline…… and talking of cases. I buy good quality cases, but that doesn't prevent them from getting damaged and even though they state they have a life time guarantee, it still costs when the handle bends or the airlines damage the locks….!!!!! then again, one case has done over 300 flights, the other 186… so they're not doing too bad.

My cases returned yesterday and I was finally able to pack….!!!!


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  1. Chris says:

    Where are you off to this time Pam? New classes, how exciting! Wish I was in one of them in some far off location learning from and with you and the ‘locals’. Your poor puppy must miss you terribly when you travel.

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