I left home at 4.00 am this morning, well really, is it today or yesterday?  in fact, as I write this it’s 12.20 pm on Monday in Adelaide and I left 4.00 am Sunday.
It’s 8.00 at night in here in LA. It was hot today and I wore shorts to the supermarket….!!


Shopping bags in the supermarket


An interesting view from my window.


palm trees and jet trails


The hotel

I have another 4.00 am start tomorrow and it will take all day to get to Paducah. However, there is a weather alert for storms, I have 3 flights, two of which are in small planes…!!!

So stay tuned for a journey to Paducah.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Wow – do you have a Flip that records in HD? The image quality was amazing.

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