A walk down town.

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The link above is to today's' photos. It's getting difficult to get service with wireless, the more people using it the weaker it gets, so I'm not sure how much longer I have the internet, it will be like cutting off my arm.

I had the morning to browse, it was a late start, but I was down town round 11.00, it was cool with the wind whipping off the River. Bus loads of ladies were arriving by the minute and the town was buzzing.

I visited the gallery of  Sharon Linn I really like her illustrations, and I hope to get back and do an interview with her later in the week.

I visited the Kirchhoff's Bakery and Deli 


Established 1873, it was absolutely packed with visitors…
Stepping into Kirchhoff's Bakery is like stepping back in time…
This Paducah baking tradition spans 5 generations.
In 1873, a young Prussian immigrant, Franz Kirchhoff, embarked on a dream. He and his young bride, Hannah Baumer, opened Kirchhoff's Bakery in a small building in downtown Paducah.
In the beginning, bread and other products were baked in a wood-fired oven using Old World methods and proven family recipes.
In the early years, the family lived above the bakery. The customers were local residents and river boat travelers. At the sound of the steamboat whistle, day or night, Franz Kirchhoff was out the door and off to the Ohio River bank with his iron wheel cart. 

Next door was a wall of Quilted tiles, the photo is on the Gallery page, it's easier to put them up there than in the blog because of the speed of the Internet.

I spied a huge shop, with "Books" written on the window.  3 ladies (obviously quilters were sitting outside looking exhausted) "You'll find a treasure in there" one of them said…. so I opened the door and was amazed at the size of the interior, there were small booths in every nook and cranny.  Down the back of the building, amongst the motorbike murals were long shelves of "Past" AQS books $5 each. Dozens of ladies were taking advantage of the bargains.

I visited another antique store and stayed chatting to the owner for an hour or so, she was an absolute hoot… she invited me to join her for a drink at five at "Max's bar" She's the resident singer….Her shop was full of wonderful goodies and I bought lace…. it was gorgeous, and dirt cheap, in fact she threw some pieces in for friendship sake, note the wire stays in the back. This piece is a crochet collar… I paid $3 for it…



I met 100's of ladies this afternoon at All star review. There was a tutors meeting for an hour or so at 7.00 so i had to miss my date at Max's bar so I had  a then a less than nutritious meal in the bar…..

The classes are booked all out, and we're all thrilled…

My room is "interesting" and one unusual feat I have to perform is to fight with the ironing board to use it… It's tied to the wall, and the iron is tied to the board, so I have to perform a circus trick to get it out each day…..!!

Time to retire and an early start to the day tomorrow….!!!

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  1. Frances Bolte says:

    Are you staying at the Executive Inn? Max’s Brick Oven Cafe is my favorite place to eat in all of Padaucah! I love that show (AQS in Paducah). Do you have a river view from your room? Thanks for your fun, informative blog. Can’t wait to hear about the show.

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