I'm exhausted.
I've just finished teaching for the day and the class was fabulous, the adrenalin is still whizzing round and round the system.

It was a 5.30 am start this morning, I had breakfast with friends and then to work at 7.30…

Right now I need to eat, because lunch time was a whirl and I didn't have time for sustenance, I think I need chocolate and a glass of Baileys on Ice.
In fact, I got lost in the building trying to evade the huge crowd… people walk so slow….
I ended up coming down the fire escape and walking out through the kitchen, I just waved and said "Hi" to the startled staff….
"Where did she come from? they said…. but I just smiled and walked through… they are probably still  wondering.

This evening is the presentation evening and a dinner so I'm taking a few minutes to relax by hitting the keys of the computer.

I dashed into the quilt show after class to take some photos ~ just 15 minutes, I rushed here and there and snapped a few shots, but I had to stop to hug people, so I gave up.

There is an interesting mix of quilts…. some of which I've seen at Houston.

I've added them to the Gallery. 

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  1. Chris says:

    Oh my stars Pam, that show looks huge! I cam imagine you wending your way through the throng – step, step, kis, kiss, hug!
    Those quilts in your photos are just enchanting, fun, vibrant, marvellous!

  2. Frances Bolte says:

    Thanks for the peek at the show, Pam. I look forward to more!

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