A pain in the arm

A lot has happened since I wrote.
I had a trip to the emergency room after a fall in class this afternoon
(I did finish the class first though)

I caught my foot in a sewing machine cord across the walkway when I was running from place to place in class.

Bang, flat on my face. ************!!!!!!

My glasses cut into my face, the knees were cut, my right shoulder is black and my right arm has a swelling as big as an egg and as blue as an eggplant.

Fortunately nothing is broken.

Other than that, class was super once again…. I had the nicest students…..

I'm sorry, I intended to photograph again this evening, but I missed out due to circumstances beyond my control.

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to the presentations, I also said I was tired…. I lasted till 9.30 and still hadn't eaten, so I left to find something to eat only to realize that I had left my purse in my bag in class.

"Oh, I'll get room service"
Not at this hotel honey, so not having eaten since 6,2 am in the morning I went to bed.

This morning I had a "No coffee headache" but I had to wait till 7.30 to get someone to open the room and I could retrieve my purse.

Breakfast tasted delicious, biscuits and gravy….. Kentucky style.

There are thousands of people here, I mean thousands …….. lunch time is interesting, so that's why I missed out yesterday.
Determined to eat today, I braved the lines.

I've never see such and array of food and I come here often….


These are some sort of fries…. I think.


Now this is an interesting outfit…. these gals all had hardhats, vests and home depot bags…
I like the orange…
She also likes those fries.


Sandie likes strawberry shortcake. Sandie was in one of my classes in Michigan lat year, we many times……Of course you always hug a friend…. but we keep meeting, so we got to the stage of hugging and exclaiming in exagerated tone,  "How nice to see you again" as if we hadn't seen each other for years each time we crossed paths….
Strange but true.


This guy was whizzing round on his Segway…..!!!


You could have a Bar B Que.


and even "Fried Pies"



So I can hardly move, I ache all over, I've taken the pills and I'm going to bed.

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  1. Oh Pammy, it was the lack of food that did it. You be careful of yourself girlie!

  2. Teri says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry that you fell. It’s bad enough to do it when no one is looking. I hope that you feel better soon.
    I’ve been stuck there in the evening with no food. I took an evening class one time and luckily I had a half a cup of lemonade and I could slog the lemon in the inch of sugar in the bottom of the cup and it kept me going. That was bad enough, but at least I had a car I could hop in and I wasn’t trapped at the Convention center.
    I hope that today is better for you!!

  3. Chris says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall Pam. Hope you are quickly on the mend.
    On a lighter note – I noticed even a fall doesn’t slow you down or keep you away from your computer.
    I do hope your bruising is coming out in shades that blend with orange. One must maintain appearances after all!
    ‘Fried pies’ are going way too far! That food looks like a heart attack on a plate! (not the strawberries though)

  4. Becky says:

    Love your site. I was in one of your classes in Houston last fall. ANYWAY, sorry that you fell.
    My Mom and I got a plate of those fried potatoes a few years ago. They were actually quite good for a while, but then there is alot of surface area for grease and that got to us, SO if you get a chance taste a few, but don’t order a pack all for yourself. GRACK!

  5. Frances Bolte says:

    Oh, your fall sounds awful! Be careful that you don’t develop the dreaded “frozen shoulder” !! (I’m serious.) Chris, your comments are amusing :-)… I hope your injuries don’t prevent you from enjoying the show and Paducah.

  6. Nola Pearce says:

    Thanks for the photos that continue to inspire, in particular Carol Bryer-Fallert’s quilt and the one of a building. The food selection you showed looked a little less than inviting and as for the outfits!!! Continue to enjoy (as best you can with the injuries) and take care.

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