It's taken a while to put this  video up…..

I just
took my tiny little hand flip video and went for a walk, occasionally
the wind catches the microphone, but I think you will  be able to get a
feeling of Paducah…. it was just 7.30, no one was around and it was
quite pleasant really.

I had to serate it into two  videos,
because it was too large a file to make one video…. so watch page one
and then scroll to page 3 for the continuation of the walk if you are

Click to play this Smilebox photobook:
fact, I had booked to stay at the convention centre for the two days
after the event,  but everyone had left and because it had only been
open for the duration of the quilt show, it suddenly became an empty
shell with me rattling around in it… SO, I was able to shift out
today when I picked up my car.

Right opposite this wonderful hotel is the famous "Hancocks of Paducah", I'll photograph it tomorrow to share with you….

I'll visit the Museum and Bryerpatch studio if it's open…..

I also want to say thanks to everyone who has been concerned with my fall.
Who could imagine that you could do so much damage in one hit…..!!!!!!
my right arm and shoulder took the brunt of the fall and is now turning a nice shade if blue green.
The cuts on the knees are better now I can wear shorts…. but the lumps on the other leg are hard to disguise.

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