A more relaxed day.

A chat on skype with family and a late breakfast in lovely surroundings was the beginning of a more restful day today.


Business on the computer took up an hour or so, and then I was free.


Now, I just happen to be in a hotel over the road from Hancocks of Paducah. !!!!

I actually did a little reconnaissance in the store yesterday and it's a little like walking into a treasure trove….


I walked the aisles and made my choices. This fabric for a dress for Tilly, this series for a small Bayeux project, bright textures for the collage quilts,

M2010611 M262814Gp92orange

beautiful fabric for the scrap book quilts, class sample fabric….  everything had a purpose.

To be honest, I really don't buy fabric without a purpose anymore.

Surprise, they shipped it for me as well…. so it's already on it's way home.


The place is just huge, 1000's of bolts of fabric. The ones pictured above are to take to the next event, but the Moda fabric I purchased for 3 special projects are just mouth watering……!!!!

Normally when I teach I don't have time to have a day off like today, it was great…. I had a plan for the day and it worked out just fine.

I filmed with the pro camera in the old part of Paducah, had  a Reuben sandwich for lunch, visited the quilt museum and  enjoyed the luxury of a relaxing pedicure and manicure…… then back to pack, check, check and double check tickets, cases, paperwork etc, etc…… I cooked tomato soup and fresh rolls for supper.

I have a device that tells me the correct weight of my suitcases…. and it takes a little stress out of packing if I know the correct weight…..! you attach it to the strap hoist the case and voila….. it tells you the weight in pounds and kgs.

The photos below are the wonderful furnishing fabric in Hancocks. I would like more time to explore these beautiful textiles.



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