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Sometimes when I'm taking photos, I really have to put a lot of effort in to make them work…..
Then again, I have days when everything works in my favor, light, environment, and the luxury of time.

And so it was in Carrizozo today.

Some 60 miles from Alamogordo New Mexico, the town of Carrizozo gained notoriety for its links to the notorious "Billy the Kid"
Nestled next to the railroad, the town plays host to huge lumbering freight trains that signal their  arrival with the shrill wheels on metal and the distinguishable sound of the signal. The backdrop of huge mountain ranges rise up from the flat yellow plains to surround the town.

I had visited  before, several years ago and I was looking forward to visiting again, but I was disappointed that the two shops I wanted to see were closed, in fact, one has completely disappeared.

I parked the car in a side street and decided to walk.

It was hot, 92 deg and the reflection of the sun on the pavement felt wonderful after the cool start to Autumn at home.

The light is different here, I think it's at about 4500 feet above sea level. There is a translucent crispness to color at this level and I was always aware of it when I visited… its exciting in fact.

My disappointment turned into sheer delight as I rounded a corner and the subjects of my photos appeared…
I met no one, until I visited the most amazing antique store…. it looked as if it was housed in an old warehouse. The owner was sitting comfortably on a settee just inside the door and she was entertaining a friend.

Blue china from France, colored doors from Mexico,  Relgious Icons
from Mexico or South America. Even a beautifully hand pieced and stitched antique quilt.

I could have stayed for ages but I needed to be in Alamogordo at a certain time.

(the eyes are shutting I need to sleep, Ill finish in the morning)

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