Month: May 2009

A lot of drawing.

A lot of illustration means that I will have to do a lot of stitching. It's taken longer that I thought to do the drawing because of the size of the picture… it's over 6 ft wide and I have to stand over the table, so I can really only do it for 2 hours at a time, my arms ache…. I did about 6 hours today… but I really wanted to finish it. I think I'm 3/4 of the way there. However, the fabric I'm going to use to trace this image onto for the illustrated quilt is prepared. The collage will be different. Some of these lines will be used for the outline of the applique pieces… some will be used as quilting lines.

De Rhinocerote

I've begun work on the De Rhinocerote I'm working on a firm velum and tracing the image with a .5 black pigma ink pen.I use a Uni Pin .5 by Mitsubishi. This will be my master pattern for both the illustrated quilt and for the collage quilt. I'm going to work on the two of them at the same time for continuity. Some of these lines will be filled in with black ink with Tsukineko pens, but each line will be quilted on in black 50 weight Masterpiece superior thread. The shading will be done with the and colored Tsukineko pen and maybe a grey. The original illustration was done by Conrad Gessner  His illustrations are fanciful and amazing.

Mums computer.

I'm proud of my Mum. At 83, she's taken herself into the computer age by purchasing an Apple Lap top. She calls it "Granny"…. you know Granny Smith, Apple…..!!!She takes it everywhere, and on a recent stint in hospital, she was able to log in and view my blog, and said she had hours of countless fun on the net. Of course Mum is finding out a lot more about my adventures as she and her friends log in each day… !!!!! So Mum, I was making up a prospectus for my buddies in New Mexico this morning and I was looking for quilts to put on the cover…and I came across this one that hasn't been viewed for a long time.  It was one of my first quilts….10ft 6 X 10 ft. I made 3, I was in a "Noah" phase for several years….!!!


Never one to work on one thing at a time I have a lot going on in my head at all times…To be honest, it just happens that way, I'm powerless to control the urge to design.When I was in Paducah, I bought fabric for 4 projects…. as I walked the aisles  I picked up bolts of fabric that I knew would work well in my new projects… (a couple of friends who travel with  me think it's rather funny to see me in this mode, and made very rude comments) A Bayeux class project.Drawing with thread project.Scrap book Quilting project.Fabric for a new collage…. So today the fabric came out and despite the fact that it was only 5 deg in the shed when I went out there… I became immersed… (well I did turn the heater on) This first project inspiration arose from my visit to the Getty…..It's large, it's 6 ft X 3 ft…. and I had to prepare the image this morning and get it up on the wall for inspiration… …

Fish out of water.

No Sewing today, just planning the next tour….. USA, France, Britain, Russia, Thailand…..So I will have lots to share, lots to tell you about quilting in those countries. In England I will teach in Birmingham, at the big quilt show, then take a 12 day tour around Britain on a cruise liner, teaching.  Tough. It's like working out an army maneuver really. Today I felt like a fish out of water. I took Tilly to her swimming lesson.OK, I've been there before with her Mother…. On that occasion, I didn't have to do anything but just sit there and watch the action. Today, however, one mum actually thought I was Tilly's Mum. I thought how different things are now…. Swimming lessons were at school and during the holidays for my kids. As for me, I never took a lesson… My mum sent me to lessons, I had to take myself, I had to travel on a hot train with dozens of other smelly kids….I hated it and sat on the sidelines and pretended that I …


I had an entire day of editing yesterday.I didn't realize that I grit my teeth as I'm working and I ended up with a heck of a headache, however, it's my first day that I've been able to fill a whole day with work since arriving home an I'm pleased that I'm back in the fold. The last two days have been clouded with sadness, but I resolve to live each day to the fullest. I received information that someone special that I met on tour in South Africa had met with a terrible accident and passed away. Shortly afterwords we received a phone call to say that one of our friends had succumbed to cancer and passed away… But of a b…… really.