Wednesday, traveling to Alomagordo.

I ended the blog abruptly last night, I hit the wall and almost fell asleep at the computer.

Yesterday was special.

The sky was clear blue, and considering that  the altitude here in Alamogordo is about 4300 feet the light is crystal.  The is air thinner and there is a serenity to the atmosphere.
It was like that for the 200 miles from Albuquerque.

I think it's interesting that our small planes fly at 3000 feet in Australia…. that means they would be 1000 feet below the ground here.!!!!

I've tried to explain the sky, but the fields were fabulous…..what words can I use to describe them, – golden fields? The heads of the grass have come into bloom and provide a filament of light on the surface.


I tried to equate the vision…. and the only thing that I could think that was similar was when a small blonde haired boy has a crew cut, the light shimmers on his hair and that's the way the fields looked yesterday as I drove down here.

I stopped first at the Petroglyphs just out of Albuquerque there are photos and an explanation of the site in my Gallery page.


I spend several hours, clambering up the hills and over rocks to view the illustrations. There was no doubting their meaning.

Some of them are as old as AD 1000. It was indeed a rare treat.

I also stopped to film at the Valley of fires.

I walked across acres of stone that was once molten lava. It's formed into huge formations that makes you feel as if you in a land of imagination.


Of course you've already seen the photos of Carizozo…… what a hoot.

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  1. ranette says:

    Isn’t New Mexico a wonderful and enchanting place?! I was raised in Albuquerque for about 9 years of my young life and I miss it so much. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  2. Pam says:

    Ranette, you’re welcome, I love it too.
    it is an enchanting place. That;s a great description….

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