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No work today, just "research."

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Gallery of photos


These bears were cut into a tree.
I found them in a shop in the town of Ruidoso NM


just as I came out of the shop, I was able to photograph the humming birds on the verandah.


It was a gem of a day…. we drove north to Capitan

In spring of 1950, a badly burned black bear cub was rescued from a large forest fire in the Capitan Mountains. First called Hotfoot Teddy, he was later renamed Smokey and became the real-life version of the United States Forest Service mascot Smokey Bear. Smokey was later sent to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., where he lived for 26 years. After passing away, Smokey was returned to the village of Capitan and buried at what is now the Smokey Bear Historical Park.

We found the most wonderful Gallery Oso Art
"from folk to fine"
I was most impressed with the caliber of the artists exhibiting.
Virgil Stevens is one such Artist.


A line of boots outside the Gallery ushered us through the door.

We also spent some time with one of the locals. He's a graphic artist who works next door to the Gallery.
His artwork was amazingly detailed…however, we had a few reservations about his claim to fame….. hopefully we are incorrect….!!!


We traveled on further to Lincoln.

Originally called Las Placitas del Rio Bonito by the Spanish families who settled it in the 1850s, the name of the community was changed to Lincoln when Lincoln County was created in 1869.
Lincoln was at the center of the Lincoln County War, 1876-1879, and is the historical home of Billy the Kid. The village holds an annual festival in August featuring an open-air enactment of The Last Escape of Billy the Kid.

If you look at the Gallery you will see that I tried to capture the essence of this one time wild west city.

I also tried on new glasses !!!!


Back to work tomorrow and I have a treat in store for you on the blog….trust me!!!!!!

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