Clarissa, Cassandra and Martha.

Today has been a gem.

I visited Marthas's Fabric shop in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

What a treasure trove.


Clarissa, Cassandra and their Mother Martha have the most wonderful shop, it's almost beyond description.

So I'm just going to share a few photos with you.


We began the morning with "tea" ….

"it's all organic" said Clarissa,…. then again was it Cassandra…… I admit to being confused  as to who was who…. they are both so gorgeous, and their outfits….. honeys, they are to die for.


We talked for some time and then I began to film.

Martha, encouraged by her daughters shared her experiences through her love of fabric. The stories flowed like a verbal stream. Clarissa and Cassandra added to Martha's stories with passion and obvious dedication. They were working with her in the shop at an early age and share their Mothers passion for fabric and design.

Talented fashion designers they also create wonderful ambiance through interior design. Other than that, they are all rather special ladies.





What was I doing there? Filming, and capturing the ambiance and spirit of the desire to use fabric in many ways. 

"Come out to the Quilting fabric room" they said….. Oh, it was all I could to keep the camera rolling and not touch  the rows of brightly coloured fabric….

I think the piece de resistance is the "Amy Butler room" a long narrow room full of the most wonderful fabrics… big bright bold prints…..

Just wonderful.

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