On the road again.

I'm traveling today…..I'm just going to take it easy and mosey up the highway.

I've been here a week and the time has just flown….. "How does that happen" it used to go so slow when I was a kid.
It's been rather busy, but absolutely enjoyable, and you know, when I travel it's as if I'm adding small packets of enjoyment to my carry bag.

If I sat down and tried to add up all the people I've met over the past week, the list would be very long.


Martha, Clarissa and Cassandra in their amazing shop. All the people who came to my presentation and class. Quilt shop owners, artists, Gallery owners….Buddy's Rainee and Lisa who took me on hilarious adventures.

Then there was the  old hippy artist who shared stories of his unusual life and his amazing art…. as I said, the list is long but imprinted….


I am still amazed that the 1st National Bank supports artists like me and gives so much to the Community…
Meeting Richard and the other members of the bank was a pleasure.


Here, I'm surrounded by a valley of silence overlooked by massive mountains…. the humming birds, yellow canaries and red cardinals entertained me yesterday as I worked and last night I fell asleep to the sound of coyotes.



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