The trials of traveling.

I popped into Walmart for a few more supplies before leaving Alamogordo this morning….
"Oh, I'll have a kids cheeseburger"
So armed with my little bag of goodies for $2.35 I went back to my car….
"I'll eat the burger so I will be safe driving"
BANG… a lady backed into me…

"XXXXXXXXXX"   I said.

there was a big black mark on the bumper, like…. 10" wide X 12"….well I nearly choked on my fries, so I put them in the rubbish….

I drove off miffed…. the car wasn't damaged, but my heart was thumping,  I drove a few miles to home depot, purchased some car polish and used my Maccas napkins to polish off the black…..
Voila, not to bad… there is a little black spot that won't come off, so I will position my bag there when I deliver the car back.

Oh, the the yellow wrapper from the cheese burger made a handy cover for my GPS to keep it cool as the sun was beaming in the window…. They get real hot…. it looked cute too.

McDonaldsThankyou Ronald McDonald.


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  1. Oh dear Pammy.

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