Mothers Day


It's Mothers day here in the US.
I've spent the day working in my room…. going over my class, refining presentations etc, etc.

I missed the calls from my kids last night because I was flying, but got messages via email. I miss them a lot and of course Mothers Day brings up memories just fine….

I'm Mum to Susie, who arrived in Australia aged 11 (I was 27) Susie was born in Bangkok and was legally blind with a condition called tosis….
Many operations later, many years, and now from the slums of Bangkok to being Mum to two great teenagers and running her own business, Susie is a gem.


I'm Mum to Jamie, our first born…. his enthusiasm is exhausting, talented and just about the best cinematographer in Oz…(I may be biased) I'm, well, we're proud of his achievements.


I'm Mum to Liseby, who came from Mauritius, aged 12, and died of Cancer aged 25.  Life wasn't kind to Liseby, but she left a legacy never to be forgotten.

I'm Mum to Michael, our Son of aboriginal descent. Michael is the only person I know who filled his golf bag with more aftershave and stuff to make him smell and look good on the golf course. He's Dad to 3 super grandies….

I'm Mum to Rachael, my buddy, who shares grand daughter Tilly with us, Rach is a gem and the best person to go shopping and watch movies with.


I'm Mum to Lori, born in Mauritius whom we haven't seen for a long time…..

I'm Mum to Darrin, brother of Michael, we love him to pieces… he never went to bed without first giving me a big bear hug. He was really, really naughty, but a lovable rogue. Darrin had a car  accident at 25, he lived for two years and passed away taking our hearts with him.

Darrin was a brilliant footballer, one year his Mothers Day gift to me was to kick 10 goals at his football match… he did it, it was reported in the paper and he was my hero.

I'm Mum to Matty. My boy, my special boy who is an Accountant in
practice with his Dad…. Matty, the quiet and solid achiever of the
family. We almost lost him in 2003 due to the careless driving of a lady behind the wheel. He lost his love and we share the sadness with her parents… but Matt's resilience is testament to his inner strength.

I'm Mum to Joshua…. born in Thailand, we picked him up in Bangkok at 3 weeks of age. "Sorry to give you a green baby" they said as they handed over this 3lb scrap of humanity with Jaundice…. (it sort of turned him green) Now he's 6 ft 3" and the tallest in our family.
Joshy is my staunch supporter…… "don't ever say anything bad about my Mum" is his motto….


I'm Mum to Sam, born to a 13 year old girl in Sri Lanka, he died aged 5 with complications from his hereditary disease.

I'm Mum to Benny from Mauritius….. when he arrived at 8 years old he only spoke french, took your face in both hands, kissed you on each cheek,  and said "OOh La La" with a french accent….. he had a mop of curls big brown eyes, taught his sisters to dance and sing and could do anything he wanted…..he and Megan share a gorgeous 8 month daughter, Savannah. How lucky are we.


I'm Mum to Callie, our Princess….. born in Sri lanka she was left on a railway line to die at birth. I found her in shocking condition in an orphanage. At 6 months she weighed 6 lb and was so weak I didn't think she would survive…. but she is now Mum to our precious Kodi, cooks the best curries in the world and keeps us all on our toes.

I'm Mum to Jinda. Left in a Thai  orphanage at birth, he joined our family at 6….. he's the kindest, most generous person I know…. can you tell I'm biased….?

I'm Mum to Rimi, from Japan, Serge from Russia, Ivette from Chile, Amaung from Indonesia, Eit from Thailand as year long host students…. we've been to their weddings, shared special occasions and count them as special people in our lives…

Lien from Taiwan lived with us for many years, so did Phat, a 14 year old refugee from Vietnam.
Paul, the child of a single parent who came every weekend for years because his mother couldn't cope…..

Bo, a 5 year old with Downs Syndrome… she lived with us for 3 year till her Parents wanted her back.

Steven, an intellectually disabled teenager who spent his school holidays with us….

Oh, and there were many others who shared our life….

I'm so far away from home at the moment, memories flood back today as I remember good times    -   and some bad, but mostly funny….

But all of them are special and I miss them today. Everyone lives five minutes from our house with the exception of Jinda, who lives 20 minutes away.  How lucky are we,?

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  1. Nedra- Cactus Needle says:

    What an exceptional mother you are for helping so many in this world. I take my hat off to you and your husband for loving precious children, for being willing to take the risks and the heartaches, along with the rewards.

  2. Diane Elder says:

    I will follow your blog this week. My dear friends, Brenda and Lori are with you this week in Fortuna. Blessings upon you for extending your heart and home for so many children. Our love never divides,it multiplies.

  3. Chris John says:

    You are blessed Pam, but so too are your family for having such caring and loving parents.

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks Diane, class is finished now, so I’m in downtime mode.

  5. jane says:

    You are a special lady…

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