Leaving on a jet plane.

6.30 am, Ive had breakfast, I'm packed and ready for a couple more plane flights.
The day is mild and overcast but the air is sweet with the scent of pine.
Such is the nature of the environment here.


I talked to my Husband in Australia this morning, he says it's cold.
"So you better turn up the heater honey."

I have the next two days to relax before the long trip over the pond…. I'm going to visit the Getty Museum in LA for two days. The weather will be warmer there and I'll make the most of it until I gt back here in July.

I have time to work on my own projects now. It's a deliberated schedule and I'm please I made the decision to have my time in Australia free from Teaching.
That doesn't mean I'm not working, I'm disciplined to work a certain amount of hours in a day… and I pretty much stick to that regime.


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